Golf Lessons

45 Minute Private Lesson

1 on 1 Instruction with me. We can work on anything that the student would like to improve during this time

Semi-Private Lessons

2 Person, 3 Person, 4 person, or 5 person 1 hour lesson. Similar to a 45 minute private lesson but with added students.

Junior and Adult Clinics

1 hour lessons with 5:1 student to teacher ratio. Designated days for full swing and short game. During this hour we go over grip and setup and swing fundamentals. I like to think of clinics as a lesson that gives great tips and 1 major swing thought to improve.

Playing Lessons

Course management. A playing lesson is a great way to learn to drop strokes through managing your game on the course. Such as checking alignment, club selection, shot selection, and mental strategies.

Golf Schools:

Golf Schools are tailored for a group of students over a 2-3 day period. In a golf school we can go over most aspects of the game from short game to full swing, trouble shots, course management, and mental game.

  • Instruction on driving range
  • 9 hole playing lessons

Ladies Programs:

  • Golfing Girls Bootcamp: 1 day school with 3 hours of morning instruction, lunch, followed by a 9 hole playing lesson
  • Take it to the Course: 3 day course consisting of 45 minutes on the driving range then 45 minutes of on course instruction
  • Mini Womens Golf Getaway: 2 day school each day consists of 3 hours of morning instruction followed by 9 hole playing lesson
  • Women Golf Weekend Events: three day event with cocktail hour, instruction on driving range and golf course, awards dinner and a women’s special event

Please feel free to contact the Tommy Cuthbert Learning Center to learn more about these lessons or to Customized Packages : 843-266-4030 or email me at