Posture at setup

I am a big advocate of using your shoulders and hips to hit a great golf shop. In order for these parts of your body to be initiated put yourself in the correct position to use both of these parts. When you have great posture, your back should form a straight line. No slouching! Shoulders should feel like they are pulled back by your ears and your butt ( yes, your butt) should feel like it is sticking out. This initiates your core. Almost like feeling your abs, back, and shoulders are tense. Therefore your arms and hands can relax a little more. If you look I the picture above, my friend Mark has great posture. A good way to check your posture on your own is looking in a mirror. This way you can see what you look like and either acknowledge your awesome posture or fix your posture. If your body is setup properly, you are another step closer to a good swing.

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