Buying Kid’s Clubs

Christmas is right around the corner, so I thought we could discuss how to purchase a child a set of golf clubs. This process is realitively simple but very important. You want your child to have the right size clubs so they have a better chance of hitting the ball correctly.  It is important to check your child’s clubs every year, especially since the kids tend to grow every month it seems.

If you look at the chart above, you will notice it is based on height and not age. This is extremely important because a child at the age of 8 might not be the same height as another child at the age of 8.  U.S. Kids does a very good job at sizing every child properly. They have simplified the process by applying a color code to a range in height. For example if your child is 45 inches tall he would be in the blue clubs. If your child is 49 inches he/she would be in the orange clubs. Now, if they are in the color orange, this doesn’t mean you think your child is still growing and should buy purple the next color up. You want the child to be in the correct set, and this means you should buy the orange set. But if you are on the border, look at your child and his/her abilities.

Another great option for a child just beginning or thinking of beginning is going out to buy individual clubs. My suggestion is purchase at least a putter and 8 iron. These two clubs can get them started. If you choose to buy a third a hybrid is a great choice. The hybrid can be used to hit off the tee box and also to hit off the fairway and is generally an easier club to hit longer shots with. These three clubs any kid can take to the course.


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