Maintain your Power at the Top

We all want more power in our golf swings. I am going to tell you it is not by overswinging your club in your back swing and breaking down your wrists or front arm.  Actually you will get more power from your swing if at the top of your backswing you are engaging your front shoulder by not breaking down your front arm and wrist……this actually might be a smaller swing but more powerful.

If you look at the picture, I have taken two PVC pipes and made a 90 degree angle. I swing back and made sure that the opposite end of the PVC pipe does not hit any part of me. If the PVC pipe hits me, I am breaking down either my wrists or my left arm at the top of my swing. Therefore this will disconnect my power source from my shoulders and hips and my downswing will be broken.

The best part of this drill is it can be done anywhere at anytime. If you practice enough with the PVC pipe the feel should transition to a better backswing with a golf club.

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