Chalk Line Drill for Putting

Chalk Line Drill to Improve Putting Stroke
I tried my best to take a good picture so you could see the blue chalk line. This is my favorite drill for checking your putting stroke. First go to a home improvement store/ hardware store to purchase one. Buy the one with the lighter color so the line isn’t so bold. You want the line to be faint so you don’t rely on it totally. The chalk line will not harm the grass.
This drill is for is meant for a straight putt…practice first with a ball and then make the chalk line. Then you are all set. Take your putter back on the line and follow through on the line. If you aren’t staying on the line practice making sure you are using your shoulders to putt and not your hands/wrists. Also, note, this line is also helpful to identify your alignment. Feet should be parallel to chalk line. (Check alignment for more info)

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