Using the Golf Ball to Improve Your Putting

People think that using a line on your ball to help align your putts is “cheating.” In my opinion, I don’t know why you wouldn’t use a line to help aim your putts. It is easy, defined, and can only help you putt better.

I posted a picture to show you different ways to put a line on your golf ball. You may use different colors: such as a red or orange if you have a hard time seeing the line from a distance. There are also gadgets you can buy to help draw the perfect line if you need assistance. Also, check out the ball you use or look for a different ball that actually has a line on the golf ball. I think it is great that the top golf balls such as Titleist, Callaway, and Bridgestone actually put arrows or lines on their golf balls to assist you.

Now, you actually have to use this line. Remember you need to put your ballmarker down first in order to pick your golf ball up and put your line towards your target (check out the video I attached to see how to do to this). Once your ballmarker is in place, put your line towards your “target”. “Target” meaning where you want the ball to roll. If you are playing the ball to break to the left, you will place the ball aiming towards the right of the hole. This ensures you are not aiming at the hole and guiding the ball when you putt. Also, it helps define your aim and mentally commit to your putt. Do this on every single putt to make a good consistent routine!

Have fun drawing the lines and making it your own! Practice this routine on every putt and it will not effect your pace of play!

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