Up Hill Lies

I am going to start a series of blogs call Trouble Shots. A trouble shot is a shot on the course that your average swing is compromised. These shots include, Up Hill and Down Hill Lies, Ball Above and Ball Below Lies, and Punch Shots.

This blog we are going to concentrate on Up Hill Lies. This means that the hill you are standing on the ball will be traveling up a hill. These are things I look at:

Ball Flight: The ball will go higher because you are swinging up the hill therefore the loft of the club may increase

Club Selection: Possibly a club stronger because the ball might go higher therefore less yardage. Also, depending on the amount of swing I can take, I might choose a longer club so I can travel farther in a smaller swing.

Swing Decisions: How big is the hill and how is it going to effect my swing. The bigger the hill the harder it will be to transfer my weight. This goes back to club selection and ball flight. The smaller the hill the less my swing will be effected therefore the ball flight will not be effected as much. A big hill will effect my transfer of weight a lot. Therefore I will need to take a smaller swing and a longer club to get more distance.

In Swing Thoughts: Remember to always swing with the hill. How you do this is when you set up to your hill your shoulders will match the hill (front shoulder is higher than back shoulder) and it will feel like you are following through up the hill. My last thought before I swing is transfer my weight as much as possible so my shot will be the best it can be!

Check out my video for the play by play!! Look for more trouble shot blogs coming soon!

4 thoughts on “Up Hill Lies

  1. Liked this post. I rarely have a shot like this, but shots where I am facing the hill, or standing on the hill with the ball below my feet always give me trouble. I hope you will address these shots in future posts!


  2. Great lesson from a very good teacher! Now that we live in hilly Georgia I need to pay attention to a lot of trouble shots! Looking forward to learning more!


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