Alligator Adventures on Kiawah

Covid has been quite an adventure here in South Carolina! My family and I have managed to get through this crazy time safe and healthy so far 🤞🏻. We are hoping you all are too! Golf has been a wonderful safe sport to play during this time. Therefore, I have become quite busy helping everyone improve their golf swings. I am loving every minute of it but therefore my blog has unfortunately taken a back seat. I promise I will continue to blog in the future, so please stay tuned. But in the mean time I wanted to share a couple crazy alligator moments from my playing lessons on Turtle Point Golf Course! Thank you to all my students who helped capture these amazing moments. This is one of many reasons I love working on Kiawah!

PS: The third video is a little shocking and we weren’t sure what exactly happened but my husband believes the alligator is protecting the baby from us. Which I believe is a great way of making this incredible video a little more positive!

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