Finding Your Front Shoulder Connection

If you have ever been taught by me, you will understand how important I believe your front shoulder a major key to making more consistent contact with your golf ball. This blog is here to help you make sure you are using your front shoulder. Lots of us believe that we are utilizing our shoulder correctly but when it comes down to it most of us are not. If you are having some inconsistencies this is a good place to start. Most students are relying on their forearms and wrists to swing their golf club, which can cause your club face to twist and turn too much and lead to inconsistencies.

First take your club and setup to a golf ball. Then stand up from your posture and lift the club up only using your front arm. Your front arm from your hand to your shoulder should be in line with each other. If you do this properly you should feel the strength of you shoulder holding the club up. If you do not feel this check the alignment of your arm. Are there any breaks in your arm? How does your grip strength feel? Too Tight? RELAX!!!

Once you have found that amazing connection, set up to your golf ball again and feel the connection you have with your golf club and your body! Doesn’t it feel stronger and more connected! Congrats – welcome to a new stronger setup!

2 thoughts on “Finding Your Front Shoulder Connection

  1. Like this! I am confused on which arm is your front arm or shoulder. Is it your dominant side? If you are right-handed, is it your right side?


    1. Your front shoulder is always your shoulder closest to your target. Therefore right handed golfers: the left shoulder is your front shoulder. Left handed golfers: the right shoulder is your front shoulder. If you had a chance to watch the video that will help you see the right handed golfer is concentrating on his left shoulder with the club.


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