Stretching Routine Before Practice/Playing

Here are some good stretches to do before you go out to play golf. You can do these at home or right on the driving range. When you are stretching you want to concentrate on your bigger muscles of the golf swing. I usually start with my upper body, shoulders specifically. Then work down to my legs and ankles. Then finish up with a good back stretch to finish!

Included in the stretches are:

  • Small and Large Circles targeting your shoulders
  • Shoulder stretching/reaching
  • Pulling foot up behind you to concentrate on thigh stretch
  • Ankle Circles
  • Stretching your back by rotating around your hips

Each stretch can be performed in groups of 5-8 times or counting to 12. Remember stretching is pushing your limits a little bit is good to get that full stretch and make you even mor flexible over time. No bouncing is needed just holding the stretch is best.

There are many more stretches out there that you can do, but I do feel these are some easy stretches that help you instantly warm your body up for the golf swing!

Check out the video to see them done properly!

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