What we can learn by watching the Pros!

Do you like to watch golf on TV? I am not a huge fan, but my husband is! He watches the tournaments every week. He will call me into the room when they slow a golfers swing down…..this is my favorite part! They are truly amazing at what they do when they swing a golf club. When they slow it down on TV it actually gives all of us a chance to really see the different parts of the golf swing.

First I look at their setup: Posture is nice and straight, knees slightly bent, front arm straight.

Next is the backswing: How they use their front shoulder to take the club back on plane, with their front arm straight and back arm relaxed, the toe of the club pointing up.

The Top of the Swing: They rarely over swing, the front arm staying straight, shoulder under chin, body so strong and coiled

Now the Downswing: The HIP TURN IS CRAZY! They start their hips first and then their arms just follow allowing gravity to take over.

Impact: The clubface is square, the hips are moving towards the target, and the front arm is still straight!

Past Impact: The CLUB IS STILL EXTENDING to the Target, the arms are still straight, the hips are still turning!

The Finish: Look at how high the arms are finishing above their head!


Now we are not professionals, but if we are going to look at or mimic anyone it should be the people that make the big bucks in this game. We can learn a lot from them!/

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