Beginner Golf Clubs?

What clubs does a beginner golf club need to start with? Well this is a hard question for many reasons.

First Question: Should the student buy a set of golf clubs? I always compare this to a gym membership. If I purchase a gym membership will this entice me to go more. Probably yes, but there is always the gym membership that we use for the first month and then it just sits there. Golf clubs could be the same way. But, the good thing about golf clubs is you can use them for at least a couple years if not more. In the end if you are able to buy a set, I believe you should. I feel like it is a bit of a waste to keep renting clubs over and over again. Plus, it is a great feeling to learn to hit with your own clubs.

Second Question: What clubs should the student buy? As always, I believe a budget is where most people should begin. There are some fabulous golf clubs out there but you will definitely pay for them. If you are willing to pay for them, that is great and you can. But as a beginner is that the correct way to go? I believe beginners should start with a good set to get them started. I suggest walking into a golf store (leaving your wallet in the car) and looking around. Try some clubs. What do you feel? What do you like? What is being offered? Do you have an opinion?

My Opinion: Usually there are sets of clubs which include 12 clubs that are prepackaged. These are great for beginners. It gives you everything you need all in one box! Now, stick with golf brands such as Callaway, Ping, Taylor Made etc. This is the best choice in my opinion. It is the happy medium. You get plenty of clubs to use, descent technology, and a fairly affordable price. As a beginner, the students doesn’t know what a great club is compared to a good club. Which is fine. It will take a year or two to determine this. Therefore this is why the prepackaged sets are a great beginning to your golf game!

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