2017 February Women’s Golf Getaway

I am so excited to post about our Women’s Golf Getaway Event. This was our 5th year of this special event. I am so proud of all the ladies for coming out to improve her games at Kiawah.

We hold it each year during the month of February, towards the end of the month for lots of sunshine. It is such a special event for me, because it is an all ladies event. For two days, we learn about golf, play golf, and talk about golf…..yes and occasionally drink some wine . The event starts with a cocktail/meet and greet hour at the Sanctuary where we all meet to discuss the following two days and yes get acquainted. Then the next two days have 3 hours of morning instruction on the range focusing on topics from short game, full swing w/ video, club fitting, trouble shots etc….

On the range we have both women and men instructors. It is a 5 to 1 student to teacher ratio: this way everyone will get hands on instruction more often. Followed by a great lunch Tomasso’s restaurant. Then off to a 9 hole playing lesson. Each foursome has their own personal instructor to help them on every shot! After the two days, we then all come together for a great awards ceremony at the Sanctuary in one of their amazing ballrooms where special awards are given out, dinner and drinks, and the closing ceremony. I know I meet so many great women during the event and everyone walks away with great tips and knowledge of the game, but also new golf friends around the world.

I promise once I know the events date, I will post it in on this site.  Also, feel free to check out Kiawah Islands’s website at http://www.kiawahresort.com, under special events. It fills up fast. If you have any questions please contact me.

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