Back Ball Position

Many people are confused or unsure why a golfer plays a ball back in their stance. I always want my students to know the reason why to do something not just that they are suppose to do it. The main reason to play the ball back in your stance is to produce lower loft. As you can see in my picture, I have taken a 56 degree Sand Wedge and place it back in my stance. Therefore I bring my hands forward and this changes the loft of the club. Now it will act more like a 9 iron or even 8 iron. This is great to use for a chip shot other, basically called a bump and run because you are producing less loft and more run. Remember to make sure you use your shoulders to swing so you keep the club delofted. This ball position is also an excellent choice for a punch shot to get out of trouble….stay tuned to a future blog on just what a punch shot is. It will keep the ball low and produce more roll to ensure you get out of the trouble.  This is definitely something to practice and tryout. More ball position blogs to come to discuss even more options!

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