Ensuring your swing is starting on “Plane”

If you ever have played with me this is my drill of choice to improve my swing. I have always been a flat plane swinger (I love playing softball)! You will find me doing this before every round of golf I play for a couple minutes.

For those who do not know what “plane” means the definition is the path that your club swings on. Most people are so used to playing softball, tennis, racquetball etc. Most common swings in various sports are horizontal swings with the ball in mid air. Golf is not like these sports. The ball is on the ground, therefore we must swing a little more vertical so that our club goes up and then “what goes up must come down” and hit the ball. To ensure you are starting your swing on plane stand up with your butt brushing against a wall (a wall you can hit and not damage or don’t mind it gets damaged a little). Then get in your setup position with club. Swing back halfway. Your club on the backswing should not hit the wall at all, and technically should be parallel to the wall. If you have hit the wall anywhere you are not taking your club back on plane.  I love this drill because you can keep your eye on the wall and feel what the backswing should feel like. If you hit the wall, you will feel it is wrong and be able to try to fix it without technically having to look at it.

Stay tuned for future blog on how the wall can help you follow through better too!

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