Improve your Sand Shot

First of all, you need to practice your sand shot. Yes, I understand if you don’t go in the bunker, you don’t need to practice it. But if you practice your bunker shot and learn to enjoy it, you won’t have to worry about being in the bunker….you might even like to be in the bunker.

How to practice: The above picture shows and line going vertical from the inside of my left foot out behind the ball. This line signifies where to hit the sand. Now, the top divot is a correct divot, a couple inches behind the ball.  The bottom divot is a common divot but a wrong divot – taking too much sand therefore not getting the ball out of the bunker. Instead of thinking where to hit the sand, think about moving your hips through to the target, just like a pitch shot or a full swing shot. If you don’t clear your hips, you won’t get the ball out and you will take the bottom divot every time. If you clear your hip by transferring your weight, your divot will be closer to the ball and your ball will get out of the bunker.

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