Going Social!

So, it is happening. With the help of my awesome cohort in crime, Avery, Abby Welch Golf is expanding its social media to all four: Facebook, Youtube Channel, Instagram, and LinkedIn. In the next two weeks instead of blogging, I will be updating my past blogs with videos posted on my Youtube Channel, Abby Welch Golf. This way not only can you read about the tip, but a video will supplied as well. Not only is this happening but I will also be posting Instagram shots to show you my journey as an instructor! I really hope this improves my reach to help everyone and their golf game. I would love to hear any suggestions on topics, media ideas, and comments anytime! Enjoy!

Abby Welch Golf Instagram

Abby Welch Golf Facebook

Abby Welch Youtube Channel

Abby Welch Golf LinkedIn

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