Practice Well!

Happy New Year! Along with the new year comes people making resolutions for 2019. Maybe even a resolution to improve your golf game by practicing more! That’s great! But we have to remember good practice is not about how many hours you put in on the range, or how many golf balls you hit, or even playing 5 days a week on the golf course. These things are great and might make you feel better, but this is not the way to gaurantee improving your golf game.

Here are a couple tips to improve your practice.

1. Only take two or three clubs to the driving range. Don’t get stuck hitting the same favorite clubs all the time. Rotate them every time you go.

2. Don’t keep track of how long you have been at the range. Pick a goal: how many up and downs till you can leave, how many fairways you can hit with your driver out of 5 balls, hit the green 3 consecutive times with your 7 iron.

3. If you practice 30 minutes on the driving range, go to the practice green and spend the same amount of time.

4. ALWAYS HAVE A TARGET ON THE DRIVING RANGE. It doesn’t always have to be a green with a flag, but maybe a hill, a hole, hit in between two trees, or pretend the green is a pond and you have to hit over the pond. Be creative, try to make it like the course with boundaries and obstacles!

5. 10 minutes is better than nothing. Grab a wedge and putter. Try to make 3 up and downs from 3 different places and leave. Next time just take a 7 iron and work on controlling your distance at a target. Sometimes one small goal will improve your game more than trying to do 5 goals all in one session.

These are just a couple good pointers. Let me know if they help!




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