Golf Books….

There are so many books on golf: instruction, mental, biographies, history, etc. What books should we read? My answer is read anything! I took a picture of my top 3 books. Of course two are mental because it is my favorite topic of golf to read. It really does help me not freak out on the golf course. Plus, I received Annika’s book a very long time ago. It is a great picture book about the pure basics of golf. Before I had a child, I left it out on my coffee table and everybody loved to take a peak! I am hoping for the book to make it back to the coffee table, I believe the kids are getting old enough now that the book will be safe from those sticky, nasty fingers…hahaha!

Some other favorites are Bob Rotella’s Golf is Not a Game of Perfect, any of Vision 54 books by Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson, The Match and The Greatest Game Every Played by Mark Frost.

I would love to hear about what golf books you like to read or suggest! Email me, Facebook, Instagram etc. I think we would all love to hear all the great books out there!

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