Complete Power Connection in Your Swing

My students are asking how to gain more distance in their golf swings. First, maximum power comes from your hips and your shoulders. But your hips have to be connected with your shoulders and the club long enough to get this maximum power. What does that connection feel like? How long through impact must this connection stay? Here is a drill you can practice to help you understand if your swing is making this happen:

First take a ball and any club (preferably an iron to begin). Set up to the golf ball. DO NOT TAKE A BACK SWING. Start with your hips first to push the ball forward a bit. Then extend your shoulders to the target making the club face push the ball forward. If you stay connected the ball will go forward towards your target. Stay connected to see how far you need to move your body to keep the ball on your target line. If you do not stay connected the club face will twist which will make the ball go in the wrong direction. If this happens you lost your connection. Really focus on keeping your hips, shoulders, and club together as one unit. The feeling should be strong in your core instead of your forearms and wrists.

How did it go? Could you feel stronger moving through you shot? How long did you have to stay connected? The strength of your core is staying connected through impact and is keeping connected to your target. Welcome to maximum power!

Check out my video to see how I practiced this drill!

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