Chalk Line Drill for Putting

Chalk Line Drill to Improve Putting Stroke
I tried my best to take a good picture so you could see the blue chalk line. This is my favorite drill for checking your putting stroke. First go to a home improvement store/ hardware store to purchase one. Buy the one with the lighter color so the line isn’t so bold. You want the line to be faint so you don’t rely on it totally. The chalk line will not harm the grass.
This drill is for is meant for a straight putt…practice first with a ball and then make the chalk line. Then you are all set. Take your putter back on the line and follow through on the line. If you aren’t staying on the line practice making sure you are using your shoulders to putt and not your hands/wrists. Also, note, this line is also helpful to identify your alignment. Feet should be parallel to chalk line. (Check alignment for more info)

Execute Your Putt

One of the easiest ways to understand your own putting stroke is by holding your finish when you are done. If you look at the picture above, Avery (yes he is a lefty), has held his finish after his putting stroke. He can now check to see if his stroke finished well. Yes – he did! His putter has finished at his target. Now he can look at the ball and make sure his ball is rolling at his target.
**Remember, make sure your putter is finishing at your target. If you are intending to play break, your putter should finish at your target to let the ball break into the hole and not at the hole!

Just by holding your finish, anyone can check to make sure their putter is going in the correct direction. If it is not, then you might want to take out your chalk line and practice swinging back and forth.
(see next post for chalk line drill)

Intermediate “Close” Target

In a past blog, I discussed how to properly aim your club and body to the target. Now it is time to add a component in your setup to help ensure you are aimed correctly every time. In the picture above, I have centered the camera behind the ball aiming at the red flag – which is my target. I circled a divot in front of my ball in red. This is what I am using as my intermediate target. Intermediate to me means halfway between my ball and my target, which is why I actually like to name it a “close” target. The closer it is to my ball the easier it is for me to aim. On the golf course you can pick anything: divots, grass, leaves (just make sure it doesn’t blow away!)

How to use this target: Now that I have this target I can stand beside my ball and aim my club at the divot (close target). This is a lot easier for me to see if my clubface is aligned then trying to look all the way out to the flag. Next I will try to draw an imaginary line from the divot to my ball and align my feet parallel to this imaginary line. Lastly, after this I turn my head a little bit and the flag should be right there if I did this appropriately. This takes some practice but this allows me to see my alignment much easier than having to look out towards the flag all the time.

If you do this with your irons, you need to do this with your woods, short game, putting etc. Basically it should be part of your pre shot routine for all shots: tee to green. The more you use a “close” target, the better you will become at aiming. As a result you will hit more shots closer to your target!

Maintain your Power at the Top

We all want more power in our golf swings. I am going to tell you it is not by overswinging your club in your back swing and breaking down your wrists or front arm.  Actually you will get more power from your swing if at the top of your backswing you are engaging your front shoulder by not breaking down your front arm and wrist……this actually might be a smaller swing but more powerful.

If you look at the picture, I have taken two PVC pipes and made a 90 degree angle. I swing back and made sure that the opposite end of the PVC pipe does not hit any part of me. If the PVC pipe hits me, I am breaking down either my wrists or my left arm at the top of my swing. Therefore this will disconnect my power source from my shoulders and hips and my downswing will be broken.

The best part of this drill is it can be done anywhere at anytime. If you practice enough with the PVC pipe the feel should transition to a better backswing with a golf club.

Tee Height for Driver

Yes, I do believe we need to talk about this. Even though it sounds so simple there is a specific height you need to tee up for a driver. Don’t get me wrong, you can play around with the height of the tee if you are trying to change the flight of your ball purposefully but for our sake we are going to keep it basic!

Technically the tee should pushed into the ground where the ball is half above the driver head and half below the driver head. This shouldn’t be total precision but the more you do it, the more consistent you can be.

Now, it will look different according to what size driver head you do have. Now a days the driver head keeps getting bigger and bigger so you might feel the tee needs to be higher then a driver way back in the day!


Fall Mini Women’s Golf Escape 2018

In case you missed out on our amazing Women’s Golf Getaway in February. I have just added two Fall Mini Women’s Golf Escape.  These fall school’s are going to run a little different from our February event. It will be only 12 students accepted with 3 instructors. Therefore the ratio will be 4:1 student to teacher ratio. A nice close knit group!!!

Dates are Friday and Saturday: September 14 & 15 and October 26 & 27

Day 1:

9am-11:30am: Pitching, Chipping, and Full Swing Instruction on range


1pm: 9 hole “Par 3” playing lesson with Instructor with option of playing back 9 on own

Day 2

9am-11:30am: Full Swing, Bunker, and Putting Instruction on range


1pm 9 hole playing lesson with Instructor with option of playing back 9 on own

I just started these fall schools last year and has some great participation. I am looking to grow this event so that woman can be around other woman while learning mroe about this wonderful sport. This is a great opportunity for everyone to really come and enjoy some great golf instruction and play while being at our fabulous Kiawah Island Golf Resort.

Please feel free to contact me to sign up or have any further questions!!


Establish your own Family Tee

One of my favorite activities here at Kiawah Island Golf Resort is called The Family Tee Program.

Family Tee Program:

– Tees markers are setup on the golf course half way down the hole (no more than 180 yards)

– All members of the family must play from these tee markers. Kids are FREE and adults pay half the normal rate

– Starts everyday at 4:30-6pm. Tee Times are 10 minutes apart.

– Offered the week before Easter and week after Easter, Memorial Day-Labor Day, week of Thanksgiving and Christmas

This program is all about FAMILY!!! The holes are 180 yards….parents this is a great time to grab three clubs: putter, SW, PW. It is time to work on your short game!!! Kids, it is time to out drive your parents and hit the ball far with all your clubs. Yes, this time is not about us, it is time to be about the kids. Parents should be out there to support your kids and show them how much fun the game is! Play a scramble together, play partners, play match play, the options are endless! The best part is everybody around you on the golf course is there also because of their family!

Now, I understand that your golf course might not have this program and you can’t just hop on a plane to come to Kiawah but……you can do this on your own. Take your scorecard cut the holes in half and play from that yardage on each hole. Maybe make a suggestion to your golf pro about possibly adding this program to your course. Let the kids play well! This is just another way to make it fun for you and your kids. As they improve back the tees up a little bit. Before you know it, you and your family will be playing from your tee box and beating you!!!